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Meet the 2014 Saab 9-3

As we reported, production of the Saab 9-3 Aero re-started in Trollhättan last December.

“This popular model is coming back in great form,” Saab claimed. “As fun-to-drive as ever and carrying the legacy of innovation and Scandinavian design forward.”

Right now the company is only producing the gasoline-powered 9-3 sedan, but a convertible and a sportwagon version of the 9-3 are supposedly coming in 2014 and other models will follow soon after. Saab’s new parent company, which has heavy financial backing from the Chinese and Japanese, has charted a course that will also have Saab producing electric versions of all of their vehicles.

Initially the cars will be sold to customers in China and Sweden. However, Saab expects to eventually reestablish distribution channels in other markets by 2015.

The Chinese government has laid out nearly $16 billion worth of subsidies and incentives to aggressively increase adoption of electric vehicles in China, and Saab is hoping to cash in on that trend.

What do you think about the rebirth of Saab — can it work?

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1 Comment

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