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Yes, even Porsche can make an occasional lemon

Nick Murray is a New Zealander who lives in the United States and saved up for five years to purchase his dream car, a Porsche 911 Carrera S. It’s a sharp looking ride and Murray was thrilled with his new baby when it first arrived last year. Then, he started driving it.

If you hit a speed bump, the vehicle’s computer reboots. The windows roll down on their own at high speeds. The car can fill with smoke unexpectedly. It’s a real mess, and even though it’s under warranty the company hasn’t been able to chase down all the bugs.

UPDATE: Porsche has contacted Nick Murray and is offering to either replace the car or give him a refund. No doubt because his latest video showcasing the car’s huge problems is approaching one million views on YouTube.

Congrats, Nick. Personally, I’d probably take the refund and go buy a BMW 6-Series.

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