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SAAB Returns to Swedish Dealerships as Rebirth Continues

Swedish automaker Saab is now selling new vehicles in about 20 dealerships across Sweden, the company’s first return to dealer sales since a bankruptcy and collapse sidelined the brand in 2011. A Chinese-Swedish entity named NEVS took control of Saab last year.

The company has restarted production at the company’s factory in Trollhättan and has been building new 9-3 sedans, selling them online since December. NEVS recently announced an all-electric version of the 9-3, with the first 200 units being delivered to China later this year.

GALLERY: Take a look at the 2014 Saab 9-3

The company is moving slowly and methodically to reestablish Saab as a global luxury brand with a quirky personality and aerospace roots. For now, no plans have been made to ship cars to North America. In fact, only the Swedish and Chinese markets are being given any attention at the moment.

“I’ll take a limited, live Saab over a distant memory of a dead Saab,” noted one devoted Saab fan on

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