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Tesla Opens 100th Supercharger Station

On Friday in Hamilton, New Jersey, electric car maker Tesla Motors cut the ribbon on their 100th Supercharger station. A crowd of more than 100 people, including New Jersey state legislators, Tesla executives, and supporters, marked the milestone moment in the sunshine at the location next to a popular shopping center.

Perhaps on purpose, the 100th Supercharger station is located in one of the states that Tesla has been doing battle with in order to be allow to sell vehicles directly to consumers, following Tesla’s model of cutting out dealer networks.

“What a great turn out”, New Jersey Assemblyman Timothy Eustace told the crowd. “We are zealots for electric cars, and we welcome and thank you for being here.”

James Chen, Tesla’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, said that electric vehicles and Superchargers are about alleviating the world’s addiction to oil. “What we are really doing here today is getting to our core mission of catalyzing the electric vehicle industry,” Chen said.

At a Supercharger, a Model S can get half a charge in as little as 20 minutes, allowing for long-distance travel without having to pay a cent for gas (or, now that we mention it, electricity). By charging only at Superchargers, Model S owners can in theory drive for free, forever.

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