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When Will Chevy Create a Volt SUV?

We already know that Chevy is hard at work on extending the all-electric Volt line with a new, lower cost model due for the 2016 model year.

The lower-priced model with a smaller battery pack and shorter driving range will tap into a more urban, cost-conscious consumer. Perhaps as a more practical alternative to the Smart car. But what about us folks who live outside of the city?

The Baby Volt will have a lot of competition at the lower end of the market, but when will someone really take on a proper all-electric, small SUV? We know Chevy has already put in some work towards the goal. Rolled out at the Beijing Motor Show in 2010 and pictured above is the Chevy Volt MPV5 concept vehicle. It’s 7 inches longer, 7 inches taller, and 3 inches wider than the current Volt that is now on sale.

We also know that GM has committed to spending $384 million to upgrade tooling and equipment at their Detroit Hamtramck assembly facility, which it said will build the next-generation Baby Volt “and two future products.” Might one of those be something that looks like the MPV5?

Tesla has mastered the electric sports car. The Volt is a great entry-level electric car. Smart and several new entries, like the Elio, are winning the super-compact space.

It’s time. A good, small SUV that’s an all-electric plug-in is the next ground waiting to be broken.

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