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British Tabloid Attacks ‘Top Gear’ Host Clarkson for Supposed Racial Slur

British tabloid The Mirror attacked Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson for an unaired clip in which the television personality supposedly uttered a racial slur. Clarkson quickly filmed a video apologizing for the incident and assuring fans that he had meant no harm.

In a stern statement, the BBC responded:  “Jeremy Clarkson has set out the background to this regrettable episode. We have made it absolutely clear to him, the standards the BBC expects on air and off. We have left him in no doubt about how seriously we view this.”

Clarkson’s sharp humor has offended before.  In 2007, he took heat for calling the Malaysian-manufactured Perodua Kelisa the “worst car in the world” and suggesting that it had been built by “jungle people who wear leaves as shoes”.

In 2005 he gave a Nazi salute while doing a segment on a car from the German company BMW, quipping that the car’s sat-navigation “only goes to Poland.”

What do you think — is Clarkson a racist or is this whole controversy a big silly mess?

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